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What is EAST at Huntsville High School
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EAST at Huntsville High School

EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) is a student-driven, project-based, community service oriented program that emphasizes the use of high-end technology, knowledge of current events and collaboration between EAST students and members of our community. Successful EAST students should be passionate about their desire to learn and to prepare for their own future as well as a desire to make our world a better place.

There are four basic principles of EAST:

  1. Students should, can and will take responsibility for their own learning when given the opportunity.
  2. Students should be actively engaged in solving problems in their community.
  3. Students should be given access to relevant and challenging resources and tools to use in solving these identified problems.
  4. Students should be allowed, even required, to collaborate with each other and with professionals in their communities, as they grow and become positive agents of change.
Education Accelerated by Service and Technology (EAST)
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EAST is education accelerated by service and technology. We inspire change. We transform schools and communities by empowering people with technology, by encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and by engaging them in positive, real-world experiences. We advocate lifelong learning and community service. Through EAST, participants become positive agents of change to improve the world around them.

EAST at Huntsville High School HARRT 2015 Camp
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HARRT stands for Huntsville Arkansas Rapid Response Team and was established as part of the American Red Cross Rapid Response Team program.  The program trained students from around the state in CPR/AED usage, 1st Aid, ICS, basic land navigation and search and rescue techniques as well developing leadership and problem-solving skills.

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SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. We help each student excel. A nonprofit national education association, SkillsUSA serves middle-school, high-school and college/postsecondary students preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service (including health) occupations. 

The Early Days of the Rapid Response Team Project
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Kevin Shinn, state Chairman of the American Red Cross Rapid Response Team Project, says the Rapid Response Camp was created as a result of real life disasters and violence.

"Because of the potential of school violence and natural disasters, which can occur at any time, this program trains young people to be prepared. Unfortunately, this is not just a "What if" type scenario in that recent history is full of examples where it has happened. There was the school in Alabama that was devastated by a tornado and school related violence has certainly touched this state. There was Jonesboro, and another case at our own school where a student with a knife took over a classroom full of children. You never know when it could occur," said Kevin Shinn. “Which is why this program is so vital.”

News Report on the Early Rapid Response Camp
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In 2007, scores of students from across the State of Arkansas learned skills that would enable them to help in community emergencies during a week long Red Cross training camp in Little Rock. The camp showed the teens how to respond to school shootings, weather or health emergencies, to name a few areas of training.  After the camp, students took what they learned back to their schools and trained their classmates.

The camp uses returning campers, who are certified American Red Cross instructors, to  teach new campers CPR, AED, and 1st aid skills, basic search and rescue techniques, land navigation, as well as introducing them to the Incident Command System. The week concludes with all of the campers putting their skills to use in responding to a detailed mock disaster.

The year's mock disaster centered on a high wind incident involving dozens of volunteers from the Little Rock area.  Many of the victims were UAMS nursing students or area firefighters who had nothing but praise for the student first responders who rushed to their aid.

Electoral College Interactive Map
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EAST encourages students to be involved in their communities. Use this app to predict the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

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