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Daily Schedule

I wake up around 6:15, but time lulls as I grapple to hold onto consciousness. I breakfast, ready my physical husk, and struggle intrinsically to mentally and emotionally ready myself after. Most often, I am leaving around an hour after first waking. I arrive at school shortly after. Driving is a choice that is more of a luxury than requirement. If I were more of lark, I’d gladly walk to school most days. Moving past my digression, I feel a need to admit that I am such an owl that I am still struggling to wake up and (my shame arises) even after first period has begun. The classes come and go, students, to my own self-satisfaction, seeming to leave a little wiser upon exiting my class. I enjoy lunch after 5 classes of students come and go. Upon reaching the apex of my day’s journey, I often take a mental break from my work to converse with some other teaching professionals while enjoying a light snack. Knowing that I have an opportunity to beseech my cohorts for advice and to discuss contemporary affairs gives me the gusto to make it through the day with a plastered smile upon my visage. The second half of the day is down-hill. The classes are lighter and there are only two left to see through. When the final bell rings, I reflect on the day and what must still be done. The evenings are dictated by many things – personal, professional, emergency. Whatever may be, I make sure that the next day is prepared so that, whatever occurs, the students will once again leave my class a little wiser – better able to tackle the world of tomorrow just as I contend with each sunrise.



7:55-8:45         1st period –   AP World History     

8:50-9:40         2nd period –  AP Prep English 10   

9:45-10:20       SOAR/Homeroom    

10:25-11:15     3rd period –  Planning Time    

11:20-12:10     4th period –  English 10    

12:10- 12:40    Lunch

12:45-1:35       5th period– Psychology / Arkansas History – Quiz Bowl

1:40-2:30         6th period –  English 10

2:35-3:25         7th period –  English 10

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