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Joshua King


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About Me

Educational History:

High school graduate of Mountain Home – 2000s

Undergraduate of Arkansas Tech University – later 2000s

Internet videos on how to finish a Rubix Cube – half-watched. I learned how to do one side of it. I can almost do two now.


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts – Major in History with a focus on European Studies.

I also took some tests and became certified in English and Oral Communication.

Professional Development:

AP Institute – Certified in AP World History.

Current Position:

I teach English & Social Studies. This is my 8th year here.

Family Information:

Married – Yes

Children – No

Pets – 3

Personal Information:

Hobbies: Smiling, inside, looking around a lot, and nodding when I agree with something.

What I like to do when not teaching: Breathing, not teaching, and my hobbies.

Joshua King

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