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Shari Bohannan


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About Me

Educational History:

Graduated Huntsville High School in 1984.

Graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1988 with a BSE in the areas of Social Studies and English.

Current Position:

I started working at HHS in 1988.  During my first year, I kept study hall.  In 1989 I was hired to teach freshman English.  I taught freshman English for nine years, and then I moved to senior English.  In addition, I began teaching AP Literature.  Since then, I have taught all levels of English.  Currently, I teach senior English, Career/Tech English, and I pick up extra freshman English when needed.  In total, I have been teaching at HHS for 32 years.  

Personal Information:

Currently, I don’t have much time for hobbies.  I have many responsibilites.  But I love to spend time with my friends, watch movies, and shop.  In other words, I love to do anything that causes less stress.

Shari Bohannan

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