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Technology Usage Agreement and Chromebook Agreement


The Huntsville School District participates in a 1:1 initiative.   All students in grades 9-12 will be issued a school-owned Chromebook.  All parents/guardians and students will be required to read and abide by the rules set forth in the technology handbook.  A Chromebook use permission form with parent/guardian and student signatures will be required before taking possession of a school-owned device. 


Huntsville Public Schools concluded that it would be effective to privately insure the school-owned devices.  Your premium of $25 covers the cost of repair and replacement parts. If complete replacement is required, you will only pay a $100 deductible instead of total replacement cost. Intentional damage will be charged full replacement cost of $200. A temporary replacement Chromebook will be issued, if available, while repairs are being made. 


Students/Guardians/Teachers are not authorized to attempt repairs themselves or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the Chromebook.  Intentional damage will be considered vandalism. In this case, full repair or replacement cost of the Chromebook will be charged and further disciplinary action may be taken. Insurance will not cover damage caused by removing the battery or opening the device in attempt to repair it.


The Chromebook will be checked out in much the same fashion as a library book using scanned barcodes according to Chromebook serial number, battery serial number, and power adapter serial number. The student is responsible for all equipment checked out in his/her name. Therefore, students are not to exchange Chromebooks, batteries, or power adapters.  At the conclusion of each school year, students will be required to check in their Chromebook. Notebooks/Mobile Devices will be inspected by the technology department at this time. Students will be expected to check in the same serial numbered equipment as originally checked out unless replacement equipment has been issued by the technology department.



Parents/Guardians must purchase a nonrefundable annual insurance policy with a premium of $25.00 before taking possession of the school-owned Chromebook.  If a student and/or family is unable or unwilling to pay the premium, he or she must contact the HHS administration in order to discuss the unique situation.


The original $25.00 premium covers ONE replacement of the following components:

  • Keyboard, Palm Rest, Touchpad, or Casing Assembly Replacement

  • Screen replacement


After a student receives one replacement of the above items, student will be required to pay an additional $25.00 in order to have another component replaced.


Chargers and other accessories, including laptop sleeves,  are NOT covered by insurance. . Charger replacement cost is $25.00 and laptop sleeve replacement is $15.

Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Devices

Loss, theft or damage beyond repair of the property must be reported to the Principal’s office by the next school day after the occurrence. In case of theft, vandalism or other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed by the student or parent within 48 hours of the occurrence and a copy of the police report must be brought to the school by the next school day. Students/Parents are reminded that the act of filing a false police report is a felony. If a Chromebook is stolen and the student reports the theft (by the next school day) and a police report is filed, then the student will be charged $100.00 deductible to receive a replacement Chromebook.


Student Promise

You will comply at all times with the Huntsville School District Chromebook Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy, incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. Any failure to comply may terminate your rights of possession immediately and the District may repossess the property.



Legal title to the property is the Huntsville School District and shall at all times remain in the District. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with this Agreement and the Parent/Student.

Repossession:  If you do not timely and fully comply with all terms of this Agreement and the Chromebook/ Device Handbook, including the timely return of the property, the District shall be entitled to declare you in default and come to your place of residence, or other location of the property, to take possession of the property.

Term of Agreement:  Your right to use and possession of the property terminates no later than the last day of the school year unless earlier terminated by the District or upon withdrawal from the District.

Appropriation:  Your failure to timely return the property and the continued use of it for non-school purposes without the District’s consent may be considered unlawful appropriation of the District’s property.

Educational Purposes Only:

The school district is providing access to its Chromebook networks and the Internet for educational purposes only. If the user has any doubt about whether a contemplated activity is educational, the user may consult with the person(s) designated by the school to help decide if a use is appropriate.

Unacceptable Uses of Network:

Among the uses that are considered unacceptable and which constitute a violation of this policy include but are not limited to the following:

Uses that violate the law or encourage others to violate the law: Transmitting offensive or harassing messages; offering for sale or use any substance the possession or use of which is prohibited by the school district’s student discipline policy; viewing, transmitting or downloading pornographic materials or materials that encourage others to violate the law; intruding into the networks or notebook of others; and downloading or transmitting confidential, trade secret information, or copyrighted materials. The user should assume that all materials are protected unless there is explicit, written permission on the materials to use them.  Presence of weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, and gang related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary actions which may include loss of technology privileges.

Uses that cause harm to others or damage to their property. For example, engaging in defamation (harming another's reputation); employing another’s password or some other user identifier that misleads message recipients into believing that someone other than the user is communicating or otherwise using his/her access to the network or the Internet; uploading a worm, virus, or other harmful form of programming or vandalism; participating in hacking activities or any form of unauthorized access to other Chromebooks, networks, or information systems.

Uses that jeopardize the security of student and staff access and of the Chromebook network or other networks on the Internet. For example, disclosing or sharing your password with others; impersonating another user.  Deleting any folders or files that you did not create or that you do not recognize. Deletion of certain files will result in a Chromebook failure and will interfere with your ability to complete class work and may affect your grades.

Uses that are commercial transactions. Students, staff, and other users may not sell or buy anything over the Internet. The user should not give others private information about the user or others, including credit card numbers and social security numbers. 

Uses for non-educational purposes.  Do not use for gaming, social media, or any other non-educational purposes.


Cyber Bullying:

Cyberbullying is when one or more people intentionally harm, harass, embarrass, intimidate, or reject another person using technology. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Sending mean or threatening messages via social media, email, IM (instant messaging), or text messages.

  • Spreading rumors about others through social media, email, IM, or text messages.

  • Creating a website or social-networking account that targets another student or other person(s).

  • Sharing fake or embarrassing photos/videos of someone with others via a cell phone or the web.

  • Stealing another person’s login and password to send mean or embarrassing messages from his or her account.

It shall be the policy of Huntsville Public Schools that cyber bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances. A student caught violating this policy will lose Chromebook privileges and these actions may result in further disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from school. In addition, violators and their parents/guardians may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties as specified by Arkansas and/or federal law. 

Internet Safety

In order for the school district to ensure the continued accessibility of its Chromebook network and the internet, all students and staff must take responsibility for appropriate and lawful use of this access.


There are many sites on the internet that can be potentially dangerous to minors. These sites are blocked with the district content filter while students are logged on to the district network, but may be unprotected outside of school.   Students are in violation of district policy if they access these sites through other means. While the school’s teachers and other staff will make reasonable efforts to supervise student use of network and internet access, they must have student cooperation in exercising and promoting acceptable use of technology.  Parents should monitor student home internet access. To find more information about internet safety, go to

No Expectation of Privacy

Network and internet access is provided as a tool for the user’s education. The school district reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store at any time and without prior notice any and all usage of the Chromebook network and internet access and any and all information transmitted or received in connection with such usage. All such information files shall be and remain the property of the school district and no user shall have any expectation of privacy regarding such materials.

Failure to Follow Policy

The user’s use of the school network and internet is a privilege, not a right. A user who violates this policy may have his or her access to the network and internet terminated.  A user violates this policy by their action or by failing to report any violations by other users that come to the attention of the user. Further, a user violates this policy if he or she permits another to use his or her account or password to access the Chromebook network and internet, including any user whose access has been denied or terminated. The school district may also take other disciplinary action in such circumstances.


The school district makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, in connection with its provision of access to and use of its networks and the internet provided under this policy. It shall not be responsible for any claims, losses, damages, or costs (including attorney's fees) of any kind suffered, directly or indirectly, by any user (or his or her parents or guardian) arising out of the user’s use of its network or the internet under this policy. By signing this policy, users are taking full responsibility for their own use, and the user who is 18 or older or the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a minor student are agreeing to indemnify and hold the school, the school district, and all of their administrators, teachers, and staff harmless from any and all loss, costs, claims, or damages resulting from the user’s access to its network and the internet, including but not limited to any fees or charges incurred through purchases of goods or services by the user. The user or the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a minor student agree to cooperate with the school in the event of the school’s initiating an investigation of a user’s use of his or her access to its Chromebook and the internet, whether that use is on a school network or on another computer outside the school district's network.


Users, and if appropriate, their parents/guardians, may be asked from time to time to provide new or additional registration and account information or to sign a new policy reflecting developments in the law or technology or changes in district policy. Such information must be provided by the user (or his/her parents or guardian) or such new policy must be signed if the user wishes to continue to

receive service. If after account information is provided, some or all of the information changes, the user must notify the person designated by the school to receive such information.



Huntsville Schools utilizes internet filtering techniques and protective hardware for internet

filtering and internet usage reporting while the student is at school. However, please keep in mind the internet changes rapidly, making it impossible to filter all objectionable sites. Therefore, the staff role in supervising and monitoring student access to the internet is critical. Additionally, staff members have the responsibility to monitor their own navigation on the internet to avoid undesirable sites.


Filtering should be viewed as only one of a number of techniques used to manage student access to the internet and encourage acceptable usage. Filtering should not be viewed as a foolproof approach to preventing access to inappropriate material and should be used in conjunction with:

  • Educating students to be "Internet smart;"

  • Using recognized internet gateways as a searching tool and/or homepage for students, in order to facilitate access to appropriate material;

  • Using "Acceptable Use Agreements;"

  • Using behavior management practices for which internet access privileges can be earned or lost; and

  • Appropriate supervision, either in person and/or electronically.


The placement of filters on district devices is viewed as an exercise of the board's ability to determine educational suitability of all material used in the schools.

Filters may be utilized with district schools to (1) block pre-selected sites, (2) block by word, (3) block entire categories like chat and newsgroups, and (4) through a pre-selected list of approved sites.


  • Students are expected to treat their Chromebook with care and respect. 

  • The Chromebook should be kept clean and free of marks at all times. No stickers, writing, drawing, engraving, decorations or otherwise defacing the Chromebook, power cords, battery, or otherwise defacing the school property will not be allowed and will result in loss of privileges.

  • Students should protect their Chromebook from extreme heat or cold. Chromebooks should be protected from the weather, water or other liquid, food, and pets.

  • Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of the Chromebooks (this includes books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.).

  • Students should not use their Chromebook while walking. Always use Chromebooks on a stable surface.

  • Students are responsible for saving and backing up their data to their school provided Google Drive. Huntsville Public Schools will not be held responsible for lost data.

  • The Chromebook should never be left unsupervised. Students and parents/guardians are responsible if a Chromebook is stolen.

  • The Chromebook and battery are subject to inspection at any time without notice.



  • Students should never swap or share their Chromebook with another student.  

  • Passwords should be kept confidential, and students should not allow others to use their chromebook.

  • Students are responsible for bringing Chromebooks, fully charged, to school each day. Failure to have your assigned device in class is the same as not having your assigned textbook or homework. Students will be responsible for completing all work at home when they fail to complete it at school due to not having their device.  If a student continually leaves his/her device at home, disciplinary action may be taken. 

  • Students will not be allowed to take their Chromebook home without their parent/guardians signing the Acceptable Use Contract.

  • Students who leave the district must return their Chromebook to the district before leaving or they will be charged full replacement cost ($200).

  • Chromebooks not returned will be reported to Huntsville Police Department as stolen and charges may be filed.


As a result of a violation of Huntsville Chromebook policy, one or more of the following disciplinary actions may be taken at the administrator’s discretion: 

1. Removal of Chromebook

2. Parent contact

3. Loss of Chromebook rights

4. In-school suspension

5. Out-of-school suspension

6. Notification of outside authority/police (charges filed if appropriate)

7. Expulsion



Chromebook Permission Form


Any parent who wishes that their child use school-issued Chromebook within the Huntsville School District must read and sign this agreement. Parents and Students who sign this form and agree to the technology handbook policies stated above as well as:


  • The student takes full responsibility for a school device or personal device and keeps it with him or herself at all times. The school is not responsible for the security of devices.

  • There is a $25.00 nonrefundable annual insurance fee for school-owned devices.  If the Chromebook is lost, stolen, or a total loss there is an additional $100.00 deductible for replacement and must file a police report.

  • Violations of any board policies, administrative procedures, or school rules involving a personal-owned or school-issued device may result in the loss of use of the device in school and/or disciplinary action.

  • The student may not use the devices to record, transmit, or post photos or video of a person or persons on campus without the express permission of a teacher. 

  • The student shall not attempt to repair a school-owned device or remove the battery.

  • Cyber-bullying will not be permitted in any form. If cyber-bullying occurs, school disciplinary policy will be followed.

  • Students should not have any expectation of privacy. The school reserves the right to inspect all devices at any time, per board policy.


Please Print:


Student’s name _______________________ Parent’s name ____________________________


I understand and will abide by the technology handbook policies and guidelines. I further understand that any violation of these policies may result in the loss of network and/or device privileges as well as other disciplinary action.


_________________________________ _______________________________

Student’s Signature Date


As a parent/guardian, I understand that my child will be responsible for abiding by the technology handbook policies and guidelines. I have read and discussed them with her/him and they understand the responsibility they have in the use of devices.


_________________________________ _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date