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Kevin Shinn

My name is Kevin Shinn. I am a professional educator, Student Council Advisor and Head Soccer Coach at Huntsville High School as well as the Fire Chief for the City of Huntsville, Arkansas. More, I am blessed to be the husband of Angie, the father of Kristyn, Adam and Nikki, the grandfather of Kynadee and Kendyl, and the son of Harry and Pattie Shinn. I love my family, my community, my state and my country unashamedly. I am a proud fan of the Huntsville Eagles, Arkansas Razorbacks, Kanasas City Chiefs (since Super Bowl I) and United States soccer teams.

Both of my parents were career educators and inspired me to choose the same profession. My father was fond of telling the students in his charge that education is not a passive experience. That motto helped form my perspective as a teacher and is reflected in the classes I teach. I have been the Education Accelerated by Service and Technology (EAST) Facilitator for nine years and have loved every minute of the experience. EAST is unlike any other class in our school. When a student enters our classroom, instead of instructing them in predetermined curriculum, we spend time trying to find out what is important to the individual young person and help them pursue learning in that field with an emphasis on finding a career that will carry them successfully into an ever changing future workforce. 

EAST students work hard preparing for a wide range of national EAST competitions as well as SkillsUSA contests. Students work to master animation, GIS, CAD software, robotics, graphic design, music production, movie making, network administration, computer programming, 3D Printing and many other areas.

There are four basic principles of EAST:

  1. Students should, can and will take responsibility for their own learning when given the opportunity.
  2. Students should be actively engaged in solving problems in their community.
  3. Students should be given access to relevant and challenging resources and tools to use in solving these identified problems.
  4. Students should be allowed, even required, to collaborate with each other and with professionals in their communities, as they grow and become positive agents of change.

In addition to EAST, I am the Fire 1 & 2 and Emergency Preparedness classes. These classes are designed for students interested in careers in the emergency services. These students work hard preparing for SkillsUSA competitions in Firefighting, Criminal Justice, Crime Scene Investigation, CPR/1st Aid, Nurse Assisting, Medical Terminology and more.

If you would like to know more about what we do in any of these classes please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kevin Shinn

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